Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Farmville Tips:Farm to expand as soon as possible

Farm to expand as soon as possible
Look at how many coins you need in the Market for the expansion of your farm. If you have gathered enough extended immediately. Remember that you still need coins for the plowing and see them. The more you grow the more kansst more Coins and XP points you can earn!. Buy only the last possible extension (currently 20x20) with FP-Cash. All other necessarily buy coins! cc

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Farmville Tips and instructions for use of the Extreme Farming Manager

Farmville Tips and instructions for use of the Extreme Farming Manager Before you work with this tool, make sure that no objects (trees, houses and the like) project into the area to be planted on. Optimal Istesem if there are the trees and the like to the rear two edges.

The fields should be unplanted, if possible, since it is otherwise difficult points of the cursor is set properly to be targeted.
The grid arrangement of the fields but it should already exist.

Iin the middle of the avatar must be fixed so it does not wandering on the farm. Otherwise it can happen it is clicked by the auto


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A new floppy ear bunny-hops on the farms: Farmville guides

A new floppy ear bunny-hops on the farms
Oh that is sweet! A new animal is today - as I understood Zynga succinctly states in his report - to melt our hearts to: Brewing bunny with floppy ears (Lop-eared bunny). This is effective immediately and twelve days to have in the marketplace - for 9 FV dollars.

If the creature you worth the money? cc

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Farmville Tips & Tricks: Find Neighbors

farmville Neighbors

Tips & Tricks: Find Neighbors
Find Neighbors for Facebook Farmville succeed easily if you invite his friends to play and new acquaintances is open. An inquiry into internet forums can quickly bring the desired goal.
If Facebook can Farmville neighbors is sometimes not easy, although even in this social network game implemented very popular. In just a few months, the simulation game in real time blossomed into an absolute Renner: Through skillful management we ensure that one's own farm yields good returns. You collect experience points and supplied with various items that either facilitate or enhance the work of the farm.

Facebook Farmville Tips & Tricks

The goal of Farmville on Facebook to build their own farm. It is important to create some land and proceed with its first few coins to the market to buy seeds.

Now you should not buy wild drauf los, but look around more, which is really worthwhile seeds. Thus, there are additional significant differences in the types of plants or the equivalent prices. Here is to keep a cool head and conscious shopping. When considering the aspect should play a role that plants must have a different growth period and thus can afford a little more patience until the sale. . Many can only derive from the possible sale of the plants and then let the time aspect completely out of sight, this might have been taking a lot more now More Framville Tips & Tricks

Monday, January 4, 2010

Farmville Cash 2010! Easy Guides

Farmville Cash 2010! Easy Guides Small discovery dear friends, the notorious bank notes, also known as Cash Farmville, now you can also earn without paying. Lately, in fact more than one of you had noticed their bills were magically k increased by a few units. Everyone was wondering how this was possible, easy, every time we go up to the level we are given a note. This is possible since it was made the new update. Too bad but the Zynga not give you the notes backward: (However now, dear friends, we have some opportunity to buy something nice with our sudatissime Farmville Cash.

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